b.1970, Pietermaritzburg, Republic of South Africa (RSA)


2011 Sculpture Mould Making Course with Brendhan Dickerson, Ruth Prowse Art School, Cape Town, South Africa

2004 Canadian Art – Continuing Studies through University of Western Ontario, Canada

2001 Arts Business Course with John White, The Arts Project, London, Canada

1994-1996 Life Drawing with Keith Howard, Fairview College, Peace River, Canada

1992 Graduate with Honors in Photography, University of Stellenbosch, RSA

1989-1992 B.A. in Graphic Art, University of Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, RSA

1988 Textile Design with Susan Christopherson, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, USA

1984-1986 Frank Joubert Art School, Cape Town, RSA



2000-Present Professional Artist

2004 Guest Speaker, V-Day Celebrations, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

2003 Photographer, Mod World, Old World, London, Canada

2003 Guest Speaker, Wortley Road Public School, London, Canada

2002 Lecturer, South African Textiles: Museum London, London, Canada

2000 Photographer, Tan Holdings Inc., Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)

2000-2001 Art Teacher, Whispering Palms School, Saipan, CNMI



2012 Commissioned by Sun International Hotels to do art works for Boardwalk, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

2005 Dr. John Mc Gahern, University of Dublin, St. Patrick’s College, Ireland

2003 F.H. Farley Medal received from the Canadian Portrait Academy for Best Portrait Painting for The Clown, Canada

2003 “Outstanding People of the 21st Century” from the International Biographical Centre (IBC), England



2016/05/05-05/22   “Walking on Water” State of the Art, Cape Town, RSA

2016/03/14-05/05   “An Exhibition of Sculpture : Zaan Claassens”, The Bay Hotel, Cape Town, RSA

2010/01/20-02/15 Exhibition at The Winchester Mansions, Cape Town, RSA

2005/12/13-20 BMW Pavilion, Cape Town, South Africa

2004/09 Old City Hall, London, Canada

2004/05/11-22 “Brushstrokes of the Imagination: The Texture of Space”, The Arts Project, London, Canada

2004/04/16,17,18 London Artist Studio Tours, London, Canada

2002/09/27-10/15 The Art Exchange, London, Canada



2016/10/03 -10/22 Zaan Claassens with Iiana Ruswurm, “The Weird and The Wonderful”, Westland Gallery, London, Canada

2012/11/23,24 “Grainne Mc Hugh and Zaan Claassens Sculpture Exhibition”, Constantia Village, Cape Town, RSA

2010/06-07 “Annett Sobotta and Zaan Claassens”, Gallery Art 8, Camps Bay, Cape Town, RSA

2004/01/06-02/03 “Romantic Winter”, with Christian Cardell-Corbet, Grand Theater, London, Canada

2003/11/4-29 “Fang & Zaan Self-Portrait Show”, with Fang Tong, The ARTS Project, London, Canada



2013/04/27-05/27  “Botanical Exhibition” (Juror: Gabriel Clark-Brown), South African Print Gallery, Cape Town, RSA

2013/03/07-03/28  “Group Exhibition”, State of the Art Gallery, Cape Town, RSA

2012/06/01-06/31 “Uwe Pfaff, Zaan Claassens and Annett Sobotta” Art 8 Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany

2011-2012 Selected Artists, Gallery Grande Provence, Franschoek, South Africa

2010/01-2010/12 Selected Artists, Hout Bay Gallery, Cape Town, RSA

2010/07/17-08/17 Artvark Gallery, Kalk Bay, Cape Town, RSA

2010/06 “Viva World Cup”, Rossouw Modern Art Gallery, Groot Constantia, Cape Town, RSA

2010/05/06 “What Stood The Test of Time?”, Rossouw Modern Art Gallery, Groot Constantia, Cape Town, RSA

2007-2008 “Selected Works”, The Bay Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa

2007/06/01-30 “SAA 71st Annual Exhibition, St Antony, Canada

2004/10/21,22,23 “Art In The Heart Of London 41th Anniversary” (Juror: Nancy Poole), St.Paul’s Cathedral, Canada

2004/04/16,17,18 “London Studio Tours”, London, Canada

2004/02/5-03/31 “Various Artists” The Art Exchange, London, Canada

2004/02/03-22 “Canadian Portrait Academy 6th Annual Exhibition” , Grand Theatre, London, Canada

2003/12/05-31 “Christmas Exhibition”, The Art Exchange, London, Canada

2003/12/01-31 “Winter Exhibition”, R J Page Art Gallery, Camelford, United Kingdom

2003/10/23,24,25 “Art In The Heart Of London 40th Anniversary” (Juror: Nancy Poole), St.Paul’s Cathedral, Canada

2003/10/03-11/02 “Canadian Portrait Academy Autumn Exhibition” (Juror: Dustin Chandler) Ajax Library, Ontario, Canada

2003/08/15-30 “CPA Overseas Exhibition of Small Works”, (Juror: Dustin Chandler) RJ Page Gallery, Camelford, UK

2003/07/18-31 “Summer Show”, The Art Exchange, London, Canada

2003/07/01-12 “New Canadians” (Juror: John White), The ARTS Project, London, Canada

2003/06/27-30 “Voice of Canada Celebrations” (Juror: John White), Covent Garden Market, London, Canada

2003/06/13-30 “The Global Village” (Juror: Ghassan Ridha), Sun Festival, Galleries@ the Galleria, London, Canada

2003/03/07-31 “Canadian Portrait Academy 5th Annual Exhibition” (Juror: Dustin Chandler, Stuart Simpson), The Grand Theatre, London, Canada

2002/11/08-30 “The McIntosh Print Collection”, Galleries @ the Galleria, London, Canada

2002/06/06-30 “The Global Village” (Juror: Ghassan Ridha) Sun Festival, Galleries@ the Galleria, London, Canada

2002/05/03-18 “This Road Less Traveled” (Juror: John White) The ARTS Project, London, Canada

2002/03/07-30 “New Canadians” (Juror: John White) The ARTS Project, London, Canada

2001/05 “Woman Artists of the Northern Mariana Islands”, Arts and Culture Center, Saipan, CNMI

1994/11 “Fairview College Art Show”, Peace River, Alberta, Canada

1992/11/01-30 “University of Stellenbosch Graduates Exhibition”, Oude Kerk, Stellenbosch, RSA

1988/06 “Miami University Textiles Exhibition”, Oxford, Ohio, USA




Sun International Hotel Group (Boardwalk, Port Elizabeth, RSA)

African Harvest Corporation (Cape Town, RSA)

IMASA (Cape Town, RSA)

St. Patrick’s College (University of Dublin, Ireland)

Sexual Assault Centre (London, Canada)

Law Office of Joseph A. Areola (Saipan, CNMI)

Law Office of Joshua Berger (Saipan, CNMI)



Australia, Canada, CNMI, Germany, Ireland, Saipan, Scotland, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, UK, USA



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2005-2012 Cape Town, South Africa
2004-2005 Dublin, Ireland
2002-2004 London, Ontario, Canada
2000-2002 Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, The Pacific
1998-2000 Stellenbosch, South Africa
1992-1998 Peace River, Northern Alberta, Canada